Lakewood DentistLooking for a great Lakewood dentist? We'd like to tell you about Dr Peter R Qui, DDS. Dr Qui is well experienced in treating hesitant patients. Not everyone is brave enough to sit in a dentist's chair. Dr Qui understands this, so he is careful to be as gentle as can be whenever he treats a patient.

All sorts of situations can lead to fear of a Lakewood dentist, or a dentist anywhere else. For one thing, cartoons and comedy sketches often feature a visit to the dentist as a basis for fear and loathing. Cartoons are even worse, depicting a Lakewood dentist in an unfavorable light. Persons of a certain age probably remember a time when dentistry was a lot more scary and brutal than it is nowadays. Today's modern tools and techniques allow a Lakewood dentist such as Peter R Qui, DDS to perform dentistry that is virtually pain-free. There is really no need to feel trepidation regarding your visit with a Lakewood dentist. Dr Qui and his staff are entirely dedicated to providing you, the patient, with a totally comfortable experience.

A Lakewood dentist is rarely on a person's top ten list of fun people to hang out with. Still, regular visits to the dentist are a vital component of a healthy life. It's worth the effort involved to make an appointment and keep it. At the Lakewood dental clinic of Peter R Qui, we use minimal amounts of radiation when X-raying your teeth. Dr Qui is careful to be as non-invasive as possible. Dr Qui specializes in pain free dentistry, so there's no need to fear a visit to your new Lakewood dentist. If it's been a while since your last visit, we won't scold you. We will, however, encourage you to schedule regular cleanings and yearly examinations from now on. We invite you to accept a free private consultation with Dr Qui at our Denver area dentistry office.
Peter R. Qui, DDS PC
10881 W. Asbury Avenue Suite 200, Lakewood, Colorado 80227

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